K9s𝞪 currently offers two main license types namely PowerOne and PowerTwo. Licenses are valid for a whole year from the time of purchase.

  PowerOne PowerTwo
Resource Limits 20 None
Custom Resources Support ✅ ✅
Workloads Access 🛑 ✅
Resource Scanners 🛑 ✅
Resource Diffs 🛑 ✅
New features access 🛑 ✅
Issues support ✅ ✅
Priority support/enhancements 🛑 ✅

Power One

PowerOne license targets light Kubernetes cluster usage.

  • Access to all Kubernetes standard resources
  • Resource lists are limited to 20 entries
  • Issues support
  • Kubernetes version updates
  • High priority bug fixes and enhancement

Power Two

PowerTwo licenses are targeted for power users and enterprise users needing to take full advantages of all K9sAlpha features.

  • All PowerOne Features
  • Resource lists are unlimited
  • Access to new K9sAlpha features such as workloads, cluster scans, etc…
  • Priority issues support and bug fixes
  • Priority feature enhancements and requests
  • Kubernetes version updates

Alpha Packs

For corporate licenses, education, non-profits, special cases, etc… please reach out to us so we can devise the best plan for your needs.

License File

Once you get your new license key, create a license.yaml in your K9sAlpha config directory.

# $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s-alpha/license.yaml


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