Below is a short list of K9s𝜶 survival commands. For more command key bindings please use ? key while in the application.

Action Example Description
Help ? Display context sensitive help
Aliases ctrl-a List available cluster resources and aliases
Exit :q, ctrl-c Terminates the application
Bails out of view/command/filter mode <esc>  
View a resource :pod Accepts singular, plural, short-name or alias
ie :po,:pod,:pods to list pods
View a resource in a namespace :pod default  
Filter out a resource view given a filter /fred Regex2 supported ie fred|blee to filter resources named fred or blee
Inverse regex filer /! fred Keep everything that doesn’t match.
Filter resource by labels /-l app=fred⏎ filter pods with labels app=fred
Fuzzy find a resource given a filter /-f frd  
Key mapping to describe, view, edit, view logs,… d,v, e, l,…  
List all available Contexts :ctx⏎ List all available from kubeconfig or env var
Navigate to a given context :ctx context-name⏎ Switch to fred context :ctx fred
List all available namespaces :ns⏎  
To view all saved resources :screendump or sd⏎ View all screen dump
To delete a resource ctrl-d Dialog pops up to confirm (use TAB/SHIFT-TAB,ENTER to navigate fields
Force delete a resource ctrl-k WARN! Power users ie No confirmation dialog


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